Walpole Bible Church is an independent, non-denominational, evangelical, fundamental Christian church established on New Testament Biblical principles to glorify God by obeying the two Great Commandments of Matthew 22:36-40 and the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. 

What  are Some of the Distinctives of a New Testament Church?

Excerpts from The Basis for the New Testament Assembly by Daniel Snaddon (http://www.plymouthbrethren.org/article/11730)

A Brief History of the New Testament Church Resurrgence

"Let us now go back to the beginning of the Church in the first century and consider some of the distinctive characteristics which it displayed, and also consider the scriptural principles which it practiced . . . "

Gathered in the Name of the Lord Jesus

"When a local assembly is patterned after this divine principle, and gathered unto Christ, then He is central, He is supreme, He is Lord."

Church Independence

"They were autonomous and indigenous, that is to say, they were self-governing and self-producing."

Fellowship with All Other Believers

"They received all those whom Christ had received (Romans 15:7)."

Observing the Lord's Supper

"They broke bread and partook of the wine in memory of the Lord Jesus."

Honoring the Activities of the Holy Spirit

"Another characteristic of the early church was the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit."

The Role of Women in the Church

"Our Sunday Schools and extra-curricular activities among the young could not survive without their help. Our missionary endeavor would be greatly restricted were it not for the faithfulness and sacrifice of our dear sisters."

Church Leadership

"Scriptural assemblies hold the position that there is no distinction between clerisy and laity . . . Paul left each local church he established in charge of local elders."

Further Explanation on

"Who Are the Brethren"

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